Advanced fuel control for agriculture machinery

Farms are remarkably diverse.

Agriculture encompasses everything from sheep herding on sparse desert lands to dairy cows grazing on lush pastures; from vast mechanized wheat fields to raspberries plucked from backyard bushes. Spring planting, fall harvest, machinery running, and equipment pumping; regardless of the farming activity, fuel and its management is a significant piece of these diverse operations.  In the “old days”, everything was done on a piece of paper and fuel consumption needed to be tallied. You always seemed to be scrambling to find how much fuel was available, how much was used, who used it and where. With the technological advances over the past decade and increasing focus on traceability, accountability, audit-ability, the manual recording process is rapidly being replaced with precise electronic data collection for all aspects of diverse farming.

Donia Farms milks fuel efficiencies at dairy farm operations with Computrol’s Fleet-220

donia-farmsWe love the system. It’s easy to use, durable and now we know where every drop of fuel is being used. We can monitor consumption of our vehicles, tractors, and machines. Plus it gives the added security we need.

Any blooming business needs to have a sturdy backbone to keep the gears from grinding. Computrol’s fluid and gas management solutions enables your fuel to be accessed on your land, by your people as they need it, effectively maximizing asset potential and eliminating downtime. The FLEET Series is rugged, weather resistant, easy-to-use equipment that gives you the choice of who gets to use fuel, how much and when. With a variety of sizes and options within the FLEET Series there’s a solution for the small to medium-size farmers, large multi-acre ranchers and growers, to co-op agrarians.


Computrol’s software ProFuel 2 is helping producers increase their field productivity time by producing reports on usage, machinery active time, and productivity. By providing critical tracking information, budgets for Spring and Fall harvest are easier to calculate, life cycle management of machinery is clearer, and fuel allocation relating to staff is at your fingertips.

This means a better night’s sleep for the farmer as the system itself can be programmed so no one can assess your fuel when you don’t want them to. Theft prevention lets you get uninterrupted shut-eye. Utilization of FOBS eliminate the need for carrying multiple keys or having more than one copy of keys. Quick and easy to install, this Cardlock system provides the real-time monitoring to modern agriculture and ranching require today.

Farmers who are interested in exploring the technology and techniques that shape the agricultural industry of today will find a growing business tomorrow with Computrol’s energy solutions.

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