Alternative Fuels and Tailored Solutions

With an emerging market for fuel alternatives, there’s no question that energy managements systems will be the game changer environmentally friendly fuels.

Today, new technologies and the fluctuating prices of fossil fuels have spawned interest in a range of alternative fuels. Possibilities include:

  • biodiesels (made from soybean or canola oils)
  • biogas (made from manure’s or organic materials)
  • bio-combustibles (biomass from trees, grasses or crop residues)
  • Liquified Natural Gas
  • Compressed Natural Gas

As the demand for alternatives energy sources increases, technologies required to monitor the dispensing of the product will go hand-in-hand.  Computrol energy pumps are keeping pace with the forward thinkers that provide diverse solutions. Working closely with any pump, the Computrol C6000 and Fleet Series work with the new energy solutions that are dispensing.

The need for reporting alternate fuel and its impact data will be imperative as these sources continue to develop and expand. Alternative fuel organizations that are looking to increase accountability with asset reports that are up-to-date, to increase visibility with wireless connectivity around the world, and to add security should consider Computrol’s cardlock systems.

Our transactional software has transparent accountability with fuel dispensing and as a result, greater efficiencies.

Products for Alternative Fuels and Tailored Solutions