Advanced fuel control for aviation machinery

Flying off to an important location requires a checklist that needs to be addressed before starting the engines.  Flight plan, freight weight, weather and, of course, fuel, need to be accounted for to be ready for the journey.  Computrol has the solution to manage your fuel dispensing and recording that will make your travels a breeze.

Athabasca Airport Fueling Station Unmanned

Airport-Logo_FinalThanks to the SPT1000 Fuel Management System from Computrol, an attendant is no longer required to refuel planes. Instead of having to shut down the fueling option at our small regional airport, we were able to reduce costs and still serve our customers this incredible value-add.

From Boeing to Beechcraft Bonanzas, Computrol’s remote unattended fueling system is the answer pilots and airport facilities operations managers are looking for.  Reinforced with weather-resistant 24/7 unattended solutions with EMV (Europay, Matercard and Visa) capabilities, the SPT1000 allows consumers to fill up from service islands and runways without the need of an airport employee or attendant. This results in increased plane movement, more landing fees, and additional fuel purchases.

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The remote software program enables scheduled price changes, account-based discounts, account receipt re-printing, large back-lit LCD display with side keys for ease of use, on-screen safety training, time and date functionality, and more.  With today’s demand for transparency and audit trail of fuel consumptions the SPT1000 meets all the regulatory needs.

Computrol gives access to management solutions with Cardlock systems for airports looking for traditional Cardlock features for controlling fuel and modern technological access.  With all of the specifications needed for a multi-user system, the Fleet Series and C6000 systems meet the environmental and safety standards for fuelling stations while providing the monitoring, reporting, and performance metrics required to keep your operation on time and on budget.

Our Canadian assembly facility has a quick turnaround from PO to shipping, supported by the most helpful customer service support in the industry. We’ll get you in the air quicker.


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