Advanced fuel control for construction machinery

Accounting for the fuel consumption of entire fleet is a full-time, comprehensive job.  The data for every vehicle, from dump truck, excavator, and paver must be up-to-date, readily available, and effective to maximise the usage of these very important moving assets. You have to keep this project on budget.  As your client demands accountability, the need for more credible methods of collecting data becomes apparent.  Computrol’s C6000 and FLEET series solutions offer just that, a system designed to improve transparency, increase vehicle usability, and maximize the efficiency of the fleet.

Adopting cost effective strategies for fuel management is impossible without rigorous monitoring of consumption.  Today, Computrol’s energy management systems provide up-to-date information through wireless or wired technology.  Moreover, individualized accounts of every drop dispensed allows for complete transparency at the pump.  These systems allow for managerial reports to be delivered on your desk remotely – freeing up technicians, engineers and drivers to get where they need to go.

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Computrol has systems for small-to-medium sized assets to large multi-end users. The FLEET Series provides the card/code capabilities from 2 to 400.   The C6000 provides up to 100,000 employee card/code capabilities.  Through Comptrol’s energy management solutions for traditional fossil fuels to new alternative biofuels, Computrol can help you better understand your fleet’s utilization.

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