Arrow Transportation: “Why? It’s running just fine.”

When C.W. Charles started hauling goods around Vancouver, British Columbia in 1919 the sound of truck engines symbolized the beginning of a new era in transportation.

Hauling whales to wood chips, Arrow trucks have crisscrossed the North American landscape for almost 100 years. They have been integral in supporting the industrial engine of our economy.  Building dams, supplying mines, mills, smelters and factories, Arrow people and equipment have had an impact.

Today Arrow leads the way in developing service-focused transportation solutions by working with a broad range of customers, hauling a wider variety of products throughout Canada and the United States.  Fibers, liquid and dry bulk, containerized products, steel, aggregates, waste, heavy haul, wood and a host of other products, Arrow  helps.

Arrow Transportation ( needs to fuel those trucks, so in their compound in Northern British Columbia is a Computrol System to control and manage fuel dispensing.

Williams Petroleum installed the system ( in 1999.  Williams offers complete petroleum sales and services to the entire province of British Columbia and Alberta.  “We’ve been installing Computrol card lock systems since 1992 and have connected dozens upon dozens of  Systems,” commented Ian Baxter, General Manager.

Arrow had Williams install a Computrol C600 cardlock.  After a dozen years  or so, the Williams representative would ask if Arrow were interested in an upgrade. Each year Arrow would say, “Why? It’s running just fine.”

Finally in 2016, the pump on their fuel tank went, so they needed to  upgrade at least that.   Arrow took the opportunity to upgrade the entire system.  “We didn’t really need to upgrade the Computrol.  We had only four service calls in 17 years, and one was because of a lightning strike!” said Brad Bryant, GM of Arrow Transportation. “However, the timing was right to refresh the equipment, so why wouldn’t we go with another Computrol?”

Williams Petroleum was shocked (pleasantly!) at the condition of the C600 when they went to install the new Fleet 240 Computrol System. “I couldn’t believe it,” said Randy Lowe, Service Technician for Williams.  “That piece of equipment was in the most rugged terrain, tough tough weather, harsh water environment, with strong handling by drivers and it was still functioning”.

Computrol has been designing, building and installing cardlock systems since 1981.  And they are most certainly built for the most rugged environments, whether in cold terrain, the hot desert, or wet rainforests.