Success Stories

Thousands of organizations use Computrol Fuel Systems to manage their fuel consumption, saving time and money. Here are some of their stories.


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Arrow Transportation: “Why? It’s running just fine.”

Discussions on ways organizations can become more actively involved in water governance are taking place in private and public spheres.


The Fort Mac Fire: How ERS kept fuel supplies flowing during the crisis

Environmental Refueling Systems Inc. (ERS) is a major western Canadian wholesaler and distributor of fuels.  When in May of 2016, 16 separate fires covering more than half a million hectares spread across Alberta…


Athabasca Airport Unmanned Fueling Station

Thanks to the SPT1000 Fuel Management System from Computrol, an attendant is no longer required to refuel planes. In the past, it was often an inconvenience to stop at the small municipal airport…


How did Culver City, California save $1.6 million in their fleet fuel budget?

After switching several fleet units from diesel-powered vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Culver City called on Computrol to help meet the fuel management challenge.


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Donia Farms milks fuel efficiencies at dairy farm operations with Computrol’s Fleet-220

One of the 10 largest dairy operations in BC, Donia Farms, has been supplying milk for the province since 1953. With 700 cows to care for on 800 acres of farmland with 35 machines to maintain, it’s no easy task keeping on top of fuel utilization.

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The Vancouver Aquarium provides fresh seawater with Computrol

Have you ever wondered who provides the seawater at your local seafood shop? Or have you asked where the best place is for a marine biologist to get a fresh supply of saltwater to support their research? You may be surprised to know the answer is the Vancouver Aquarium.



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