Dealer & Installer Training

ThinkstockPhotos-494280919To distribute highly configurable equipment and software, it is necessary to provide a high level of support to dealers and installers through training.

The expertise Computrol has developed over 34 years of design and manufacturing systems is consolidated into on-site presentations and hands-on technical workshops in which dealers and installers learn to provide quality product solutions, configurations and installations. Marinas, Airports, Mines all have distinct characteristics, and we’re able to instil our knowledge to provide seamless installations.

Computrol’s authorization program helps ensure that technical installers systematically approach each project throughout the installation process, ensuring that the installation is completed effectively, timely, and seamlessly.

For more information about becoming an Authorized Dealer or Service Rep, please email us at


When dealing with Computrol for support, their Customer Service has been outstanding. Easy to get a hold of and knowledgeable, and they go above and beyond to address our needs.