Do you really know how fuel efficient your fleet is?

Fleet management has always been a big concern in organizations that use their own vehicles to run their operations.

One of the main issues of Fleet Management is the fuel efficiency of vehicles. Knowing that up to 40% of operating costs in an organization come from fuel, technology companies have developed a proven way to identify fuel consumption wastefulness: telematics.

A reliable device available from Computrol is the Easy IDtm Vehicle Identification Device (VID) which provides odometer data by GPS tracking and engine operating hours (hour meter) by alternator tracking. The system is powered and activated by the vehicle’s electrical supply.

The VID connects to Computrol’s Simcom, a state of the art fuel management system. Simcom automatically acquires the odometer and hour meter data from the VID, eliminating human error and misuse. The information provided by the device, when matched with fuel usage data, provides fleet managers with a way to calculate fuel efficiency for each vehicle in the fleet. By monitoring fuel efficiency, organizations can:

·        Identify inefficient vehicles in the fleet

·        Schedule preventive maintenance tasks according to vehicles use

·        Generate reports on fleet performance and fuel usage

·        Calculate more accurate Greenhouse Gases emissions

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