Advanced fuel control for government machinery

Accounting for the fuel consumption of an entire fleet or fleet of fleets is a comprehensive job. The data for every vehicle from school buses, to emergency service vehicles must be up-to-date, readily available and provide the performance metrics demanded of such assets. As public recognition increases on how organizations utilize their resources, the need for credible methods of collecting data is paramount. Computrol’s cardlock solutions of the FLEET Series and C6000 coupled with ProFuel 2 offer just that, a system designed to improve transparency, audit trails and dispensing calculations.

Before, adopting cost effective strategies for fuel management that in turn improved asset usability seemed a daunting task. Today, Computrol’s energy solutions provide up-to-date information through wired or wireless technology. Moreover, individualized accounts of every drop dispensed allows for complete accountability at the pump. The FLEET Series and C6000 allow for managerial reports to be accessible, remotely, with just the click of a mouse. The vehicular assets for any province or municipal government require real time data capture that is meaningful for LCCM (Life Cycle Cost Management) and auditable for comprehensive fuel performance reporting.

Vital vehicles of Police, Fire, and Ambulance cannot be waiting around to fill-up their gas tanks. The control method to fill those fuel reservoirs must be easy to use, quick and reliable.  The FLEET Series and C6000 with RFID proximity cards or through keypads make getting back out into the community a quick turnaround freeing up your key service providers to get where they need to go.


Emerging technology of alternatives such as LNG, CNG, make accountability even more a priority as governments make decisions of efficiencies and cost effectiveness. Computrol’s energy solutions meet the needs of our ever changing power directives.

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