Ground Transportation

Advanced fuel control for ground transportation

Keeping your fleets in motion is critical to the success of your organization. However, managing the fuel that keeps them in motion doesn’t need to be time consuming or difficult.  Computrol’s Cardlock energy management solution has taken the lead in supplying a cost-effective, reliable solution for accounting for your fuel consumption that will address your turn-around time, and data capture to get them back on the street.

Complete control of your fuel has never been easier or more secure.  User-friendly solutions, with a variety of participant sizes,  Computrol’s Fleet Series for small to medium vehicles, or C6000 for large numbers of end-users meet the various needs got a variety of businesses. Improving your fleet’s operations with automated fuel centers not only provides better less idle time, it uplinks data in real time giving you a window to all transactions to a central database ready for report generation or export to your TLS (Tank Reporting System).  Whether you have 1 or 100 sites, all parameters are centrally managed and all sites are automatically synchronized in real time simplifying and speeding up your fuel management tasks. Individualized RFID tags account for every person who uses the dispensers, giving you the knowledge you need for audit trails and accountability.

To get those wheels moving, fuel control access must be easy to use, robust and weather resistant.  The FLEET Series and C6000 cardlocks are designed with the end user in mind, the abusive handling and the outdoor environment.  It doesn’t matter what type of energy your fleets are running; petroleum, diesel, LNG, CNG, or biofuel, the FLEET and C6000 are adaptable to all. For automobiles, trucks, buses, speciality vehicles, Computrol’s management solutions will make keep you moving.

Products for Ground Transportation