How Auto Odometer Can Help Your Organization


For an organization running a fleet of vehicles, capturing odometer or hour meter data is essential. One method often used is manual input or reporting by drivers, often causing the data to be incorrect or not captured at all. A more reliable, accurate, easier and faster method to calculate fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions is to use technology.

Through its enterprise fuel management systems Simcom and Easy-ID devices, Computrol offers a solution to automatically obtain odometer data, removing human error. With the Easy-ID Radio-Frequency Vehicle Identification Device (RF-VID) you can track the distance traveled using GPS. When vehicles fuel up at a Simcom terminal, the EasyID Site Controller obtains the odometer reading. The reading is then incorporated into the fuel transaction record.

The users of a typical configuration would follow these two simple steps:

1)    Enter Operator and Vehicle credentials at the Simcom terminal;

2)    The RF-VID will send the odometer reading to the Simcom system.

Fueling can commence after entering the dispense number and the odometer reading can be seen in the Simcom software.

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