Management Software

Detailed Reporting With Multi-Site control

Manage and automate your Computrol systems easily with ProFuel 2

ProFuel2, Computrol’s custom designed, innovative software is a comprehensive management application for your fuel, water or other fluid dispensing cardlock sites. It manages Computrol’s C6000 and Fleet 220 and Fleet 240 pump controllers and provides you with the ultimate control of your inventory use and expenditure.

With ProFuel 2 you can:

  • Track product usage by site, tank, pump, vehicle and user
  • Handle a variety of dispensed products
  • Manage a virtually unlimited number of authorized users
  • Generate comprehensive management reports
  • Supply accurate data to billing and accounting systems
  • Work with ARI, 4Refuel and Datanova platforms
  • Provide reseller services with invoicing, discounts and taxes
  • Offer pre-paid credit sales to users
  • Manage an unlimited number of pump controllers and locations
  • Customise fuelling instructions for different users or accounts
  • Control inventory and interface with common tank level systems
  • Secure appropriate user access to key functions

ProFuel2 is the one application you need to manage your Computrol pump controllers, wherever they are located, even remote sites. Multiple user workstations can be set up, with all data collected by the pump controllers stored in a central database. Controllers can communicate with ProFuel 2 via serial, LAN, wireless or even cellular modems.

Enhance your business administration with the advanced reporting features offered, such as fuelling transactions by vehicle and driver, odometer and hour meter readings and consumption calculations, amongst others. Generic exporting functions let you share accurate data with other business and financial systems.

If you are a reseller, streamline your customer experience with monthly invoicing or statements by account, detailed usage reports, various discount levels, and detailed tax breakdown. ProFuel 2’s pre-paid credit option eliminates billing issues to improve your cash flow.

Contact us today to find out more about how ProFuel 2 and our range of pump controllers can improve your business.