Advanced fuel control for marine equipment

Sailing requires a checklist before heading out on the water. Your route, the tides, the weather, your weight, and of course, fuel, take substantial consideration for a successful voyage. Where do we get fuel along the way? What hours is it available? How do we pay?

From small watercrafts and yachts, to large ships and fleets, Computrol has fuel management systems for every size of marine vessel.  Our newest system, the SPT1000, allows for unattended fuel dispensing. It is EMV chip-enabled, meaning customers can use their credit card and dispense fuel without waiting for an employee to service them. What better place than a marina with a constant flow of customers requiring fuel at all hours. The remote software program allows for scheduled price changes, time and date functionality, account-based discounts, account receipt re-printing, large back-lit LCD display, touch side keys for ease of use, on-screen safety training, and more.

For commercial properties, private ports, and marinas, Computrol has energy management solutions for all types of fuel that are required on-site, such as petroleum, diesel, water, and lubricants.  All of our FLEET Series and C6000 systems meet the environmental and safety standards specifications needed required for a multi-user systems. Your fuelling stations will provide the monitoring, reporting, and performance metrics required to keep your operation on time and on budget. If you have a targeted approach, we have engineers supporting unique applications.


Our Canadian assembly facility has a quick turnaround from PO to shipping, supported by the most helpful customer service in the industry. Modern fuel management technology is making fuel dispensing and sales transaction a breeze.

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