Advanced fuel control for resellers

While you are sleeping, the distribution of our energy sources; the petroleum, the diesel, the water, LNG and CNG and even those new biogases are being transported around our cities and towns ensuring that when you get to work, the tanks are full. The resellers of these products are constantly on the go making sure deliveries happen. Resellers must monitor, control, and show accountability of goods they dispense.

Fuel resellers are faced with stiff competition these days. Keeping reservoirs full and pumps open for business, while providing the energy needed for the behind schedule construction site or 24-7 manufacturing plant with high demands, requires a great amount of aptitude and planning – especially with undulating fuel prices. There is existing technology that cuts down cuts, develops efficiencies and improves the bottom line. Computrol’s cardlock management system gives you the competitive advantage over other resellers down the street.

Products for Reseller