Advanced fuel control for resource machinery

Second only to personnel, assets are the largest cost center in your organization. Management, maintenance and utilization of those assets have a dramatic impact on the bottom line. As a business owner or developer, as a project manager, or CFO, reducing costs, mitigating risks and improving accountability are key.

Are you in the Oil & Gas industry?  Mining or Forestery?  Scattered through-out our wonderful country in remote areas, people are busy at work providing raw materials for good and services. Often not located near city centres, fuel and energy resources of all types, fossil fuel, diesel, LNG, CNG, lubricants and water are all on-site ready for use to the many machines, equipment and vehicles needed for successful 24/7 operation. Are you working within our resources sector and need to prevent theft? Computrol C6000 and Fleet Series provide the theft prevention and monitoring required at these unique jobs.

Detour Gold

When dealing with Computrol for support, their Customer Service has been outstanding. Easy to get a hold of and knowledgeable, and they go above and beyond to address our needs.          

Built for rugged environment, constantly changing weather, and remote areas the C6000 and FLEET Series are made of aluminium cabinets. Corrosive resistance housing is thermostatically controlled and heater equipped for reliable weather operation.


Created for any fuel, fluid or gas Computrol’s solutions bring major cost savings to your business. Fully automated fuel pumps with cardlock systems maintain security of your biggest assets.  Additional wireless technology and software gives you full managerial reports of who’s fueling up, and when your pumps are dispensing.  All information can be sent remotely to your office.  See how Computrol can give you piece of mind, in your remote operations.

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