EMV ready credit and debit card processing systems

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Because of the availability of fuel with the SPT1000, we had a 35% increase in aircraft movement which in turn led to an increase in revenue from landing fees.
Norman De Wet, Health & Facilities Coordinator, Athabasca County

The SPT1000 provides a complete solution for the operation and management of attended and/or unattended fueling facilities, including airports, marinas, card locks and service stations. It allows the operator to control, monitor and manage all aspects of a fuel dispensing facility via secure Internet connection from anywhere in the world.



  • Ready to process Chip & PIN (EMV) transactions
  • SPT1000 accepts credit cards, debit cards, fleet cards and proprietary cards
  • Multi-lingual instructions
  • PCI PA-DSS compliant
  • Provides customer with fueling safety instructions
  • Sends alarm and warning messages via email automatically
  • Works with all major pumps Gilbarco, Kraus and Wayne…
  • Operates in extreme weather conditions
  • Supports up to 16 fueling positions
  • Supports multi-terminal configurations for larger facilities
  • Ability to change fuel price remotely from a central or management office
  • Ability to turn pump OFF and ON remotely
  • Receipt re-print
  • Provides a range of activity and financial reports
  • Fuel tank/ inventory management
  • Ability to apply fuel restriction
  • Various discount levels
  • Automatic/scheduled fuel price change and promotions
  • A regulated power supply to convert AC power to clean Direct Current for the electronics
  • A thermostatically controlled heater is incorporated to ensure proper operation in cold temperatures
  • CSA approved
  • LED lighting


  • PC with communication box, Kraus pump control interface and UPS
  • SPT1000 terminal includes a large LCD Graphic screen, tamper-proof stainless steel keypad, chip/magnetic-stripe card reader and thermal receipt printer


  • Dimensions: H 59” W 20” D 14”
  • Weight: 28 kg (34lb)
  • Electrical: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 5 Amps
  • Operating Temperature: -40C (-40F) to 45C (110F)

Energy Solution Language:

LCCM = Life Cycle Cost Management
TLS = Tank Level Systems
Prox. = Short form for proximity cards
RFID = Radio Frequency Identification
Unmanned = No human attendant on-site
EMV = Europay, Mastercard, Visa payment method.
Chip enabled = able to read credit cards with embedded microchip