Advanced fuel control for tanks

Big Tanks, little tanks, above ground or buried tanks,; even mobile tanks, temporary tanks, steel tanks, and plastic tanks – if you have a tank, we have management system for you.

Tanks have long been the piece of the fuel management system we forget about. We need the tanks to hold to fuel, the diesel, the bulk lubricant, the new clean energy gases, and don’t forget about the water, to hold the water. Tanks are the reason the dispensers came about and then the monitoring and controlling systems. Computrol works with tank manufacturers to see what’s new in the market, to address the needs of the customer.  ‘Before’ only the big guys had big tanks that required checking or accountability for distribution. They could utilize the feature sets of the C6000. Now small to mid-size tank users have the Computrol FLEET series to choose from for a variety of energy solutions.

You can see them. Driving down the road.  Large Tanks for municipalities, for manufacturing centres or reservoirs.  We see them and don’t think about the disbursement of their holdings. Computrol provides a family of management systems that provides the ability to allocate daily limits, change pricing, interface to account billing software, and configure the units of measure. A variety of configuration setting applicable to your product, your customers and your uplink.  The C6000 controllers manages 1-100,000 ID’s for customers, provides printer transaction details, and supports relay and pulse control.  The Fleet Series meets the need of the small to mid-size user of 1- 400 ID’s.  With a set of features and reports  manageable for the mid-market. Or consider our SPT1000, for an unattended remote management solution.  The STP1000 is EMV ready.

If you have a tank, we have a management solution for you.

Products for Tanks