Advanced fuel control for utilities

Operating a utility organization has become more complex and challenging every day. With rising consumer demand for services and cost of resources, the task to improve the bottom line is daunting.  Moreover, limiting the global footprint and satisfying government regulations has put a strain on organizations to become more efficient to account for its resource management.

From large city centers to small town communities, people rely on utility resources to be managed efficiently to eliminate resource shortages. Today, asset management has never been easier.  Computrol’s cardlock solutions work with any fluid, fuel, or gas. Installed with wired or wireless technology sending you up-to-date information regarding who’s using your energy, when, and how much, you are in complete control of how you’re dispensing. This allows daily operations to perform more efficiently, leading to increased vehicle utilization, maximized equipment availability and increased productivity rates. The C6000 and the FLEET Series offer all of these benefits.

The focus on global footprints, clean energy, and government regulations have become more stringent with business norms.  Computrol’s fuel management systems are improving resource management and providing the data regulatory compliance of increased accountability that are in demand.  The ProFuel 2 software provides advanced management support allowing you to maximize your workforce.

Products for Utilities