Automated control for water stations

Automate billing and control of your bulk water dispensing and waste water receiving sites

We have been providing robust systems for controlling and recording bulk water sales and waste water (septage) receiving across North America for over 25 years. Our users range from towns and cities to industrial, mining, shale gas and agricultural operations. System owners benefit from timely and accurate billing information, while customers appreciate the ease of 24/7 access.

With Computrol you can:

  • Offer 24/7 unattended access for customers
  • Record all authorized dispensing or discharge transactions
  • Let customers pre-select load volumes
  • Set customer limits on the type and quantity of water available
  • Streamline billing with monthly account invoicing or statements
  • Offer customers pre-paid credit options
  • Accept debit and credit card payments
  • Transfer transaction data to billing and accounting systems
  • Control multiple loading points and water types across multiple sites
  • Retrofit or new build, works with most meter and valve types
  • Use RFID cards or keypad codes, and support other ID card types

 All of our controllers are built to withstand rugged conditions and adverse weather environments, being sealed against water ingress and equipped with heaters. They are proven for reliable use in remote locations and exposed environments.

The FLEET Series of controllers offer easy-to-use water management solutions for smaller sites where you have up to 400 customers and up to 4 hoses, and don’t need to provide receipts.  Access is granted by RFID cards or key pad codes. Transactions are easily retrieved on demand from the unit, while management software is an optional add-on to enable reporting and invoicing.

The rugged C6000 controller with our ProFuel 2 management software provides you with advanced controls: Print receipts, set daily allocation limits, provide pre-paid credit limits, offer discounts and create invoices. In addition you can reconcile inventory, share transaction data with billing and accounting programs or create ad-hoc reports. Access is granted by RFID cards, keypad codes and many other security and identification card types. The C6000 will manage any size of site, controlling up to 32 hoses and up to 50 000 users. ProFuel 2 also enables you to manage multiple sites and controllers as one system.

Our SPT1000 is the controller for water stations where you need to provide unattended 24/7 access and accept chip-and-pin debit or credit card payments. This controller accepts other mag-stripe identification cards as well. The SPT1000 supports up to 16 hoses per unit and supports multi-terminal configurations for larger facilities. There is a large LCD screen, stainless steel keypad and thermal receipt printer. The SPT 1000 can be managed via a secure internet connection, allowing management of multiple water stations from a central location. A full range of activity and financial reports are available.

We have a wide network of experienced dealers and contractors. They will ensure that your Computrol system is properly installed and maintained for years of good service. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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