Sierra Air Conditioning and Heating
Las Vegas, Nevada

“I want to express my gratitude to the entire Computrol team for your diligence in the installation of our Fleet 220. After utilizing an antiquated fueling system for more than 15 years, we were in dire need of an upgrade. I was thoroughly impressed with the Fleet 220’s reporting and tracking capabilities. Being able to monitor consumption, mileage and overall use is a vital part of any Company that operates with a vehicle or equipment fleet and Computrol succeeds in all categories.

Although the installation itself had a few issues, I was very grateful that Joshua Rottenberg, the owner of the company, took the time to travel to Las Vegas in order to make a site visit and get these issues resolved. The entire Computrol Team are nothing short of professional and it is apparent that none will be satisfied until the costumer is satisfied. I am very pleased to have chosen Computrol as our Fuel Management system and will absolutely be a return customer if we are ever in need of another system.”

– Cole WilsonSpecial Projects, uses Fleet-220

The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward
Prince Edward, ON
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“Thanks for the excellent attention to detail, timely responses and the very high level of customer service. “ 

– Jeff BrooksWater and Wastewater Services, uses two Fleets and ProFuel 2 for bulk water dispensing

Westcan Bulk Transport
Edmonton, AB

Westcan is one of the largest niche bulk commodity haulers in western Canada.  Having a rugged, reliable fuel controlling system is fundamental to their business.  Westcan has been using Computrol systems for many years, and as a matter of fact, one of their oldest systems was one of the first installations.

Currently they have a network of 16 C6000 throughout 12 fuel sites and 2 mobile fuel tanks using the Computrol product.

“ Our region ranges from very warm climate in the summer, to the extreme cold in the Northwest Territories. Our problems have been next to non-existent and in the one occasion I remember there being an issue the folks at Computrol were extremely helpful and the individual helping even gave their cell phone number so we could get direct contact while we sorted through the issue. It was all solved very quickly. We are proud to be a long term customer and we value the relationship that we have with the Computrol group. We look forward to many years of continued service. ”

 – Westcan Bulk Transport Representative, uses C6000

Fast Fuel Services Ltd.
British Columbia

We have been running 6 – C6000 units, 2 of which are in remote locations, for over 3 years now and have had no issues at all with them. Setup was relatively simple and the help we received from Computrol’s staff was excellent. In our experience if you need zero-maintenance, ‘rock solid’ performance, the C6000 is definitely the way to go!  We have also installed 2 SPT1000 retail systems, supplying fuel 24/7 in 2 of our island communities, which have also been very successful. These units are very low-maintenance, and have really helped us to streamline our operations. We have been very satisfied with Computrol’s products and support and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Matt Melin, uses C6000 & SPT1000 

Bourgault Industries Ltd.
Saint Brieux,

From the quick and easy software setup to the intuitive user interface, Computrol’s system has allowed us to manage our fleet and users effectively. Needing 24 hours reliability in our environment, downtime is minimized through robust software and hardware components, coupled with excellent support. Thank you Computrol!”

– Tom Cunningham, uses Fleet-240 & ProFuel 2 software 

Hughes Trucking Ltd.
Port Coquitlam
British Columbia

Just a heads up on our Computrol system  – it works great, allowing me to manage my fuel and match litres with fuel suppliers.  Also your staff was amazing at set up time and was super easy. Thanks!”

– Cal Hughes, uses Fleet-220

H Wilson Industries Ltd.

H Wilson Industries operates in the heavy construction and paving business. With 100 units working long hours in our short but intense construction season up in Fort McMurray, it was important that our fuel tracking system be reliable with good support given our remote location. The Computrol system was installed in in 2014 and we are pleased with the results. The support from Computrol has been solid and they have worked through the challenges in order to efficiently track our consumption and cost on a unit by unit basis. The download from the system allows for an easy upload directly into our accounting system. We are pleased with our decision to go with Computrol.”

 – James Knelsen, Financial Controller, uses three Fleet-220s & ProFuel 2 software