Our History

Computrol was founded in 1981 as a subsidiary of a large transportation firm.  Its mandate was to develop and market cardlock fuel control products.

Using the same proprietary technology as was used in the Cardlock systems, Computrol entered into the building access control marketplace with a small standalone system in the early 1980s.  This was followed by the introduction of two larger and more advanced systems in the mid-1980s.

Ten years later, after a decade of experience in the Access Control market, Computrol launched its most ambitious product at that time, the Cnet/2.  Using one of the most advanced operations systems available – IBM’s OS/2 and a backbone utilizing Echelon Corporations’ LON technology, the Cnet/2 was sold into many major sites across Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

By 2005, the Access Control division was sold off and Computrol returned to its roots concentrating until today solely on bulk management systems.  Our robust C6000 was first launched in 2006 and has been updated numerous times.  Proprietary ProFuel 2 application software which documents every transaction and provides reports tailored to our customers’ needs was introduced at the same time and has been restructured to meet clients’ needs.

In 2013 we introduced our entry level FLEET 2xx series of products that addresses the needs of small to mid-size end users.

To service the smaller retail fuel market, Computrol introduced the ci80 accepting credit cards in 2009. As additional security requirements in the credit card chip and pin was mandated in Canada, Computrol was the first company in North America to offer a complete unattended EMV system fully approved by  financial institutions, which we call the SPT 1000 (Secure Payment Terminal).

We have a rich history in appreciating the clients’ needs, coupled with rock solid technology and finishing off with quality manufacturing. All together we design, manufacture, sell, install and support equipment that has been out in rugged extreme environmental conditions and just keeps working for years and years and years.