About Us

Computrol has its origins in security and fuel. Started in 1981, we are one of the oldest North American companies in our industry and have survived and thrived because we do what our customers require.

34 years later, those roots have resulted in thousands of Computrol systems throughout Canada, plus more in North America and as far away as Africa and the Middle East. We believe that’s because of our decades’ long history of product quality, incessant support, and a partner network of distributors, dealers, and installers close to our end users.

If you have bulk fuel, water, or other kinds of liquids and care about security along with authorization and record keeping according to your demands, you will benefit from the type of hardware and software that Computrol offers. Peace of mind about your bulk fluid is what you get from us.

Our customers range from government agencies, heavy industries, resources of mining, lumber, forestry and water utilities to farmers and re-sellers.

That 34 years brings a sales team seasoned in every industry, a multitude of applications and ability to understand and solve your distinctive requirement. Several of our engineers, developers and production team have been with the company for since we moved into Cardlocks.

The sales process and installation only begins your relationship with us. We provide off the shelf solutions or can tailor our equipment to your unique needs. Whenever you need support, have a question that needs answering or a problem that needs solving, we are there to help you or to arrange someone to go to you if necessary.

We could go on. It’s one thing, though, for you to listen to us about ourselves. It’s better if you speak to our long-standing satisfied customers who have similar needs as you. Let us know – we’ll put you in touch with them.