Athabasca Airport Unmanned Fueling Station

Thanks to the SPT1000 Fuel Management System from Computrol, an attendant is no longer required to refuel planes. In the past, it was often an inconvenience to stop at the small municipal airport because of the prior arrangements that were necessary to ensure that a staff member was available for service. As a result, traffic dec­reased at this small but nicely located (just outside of Athabasca) airport to the point that about four years ago, the management decided to shut down the fuelling facility entirely!

With the commissioning of a brand new AVGAS facility, the space now includes a tank, an aviation fuelling cabinet, and the SPT1000 Fuel Management System. The system can now allow pilots to refuel simply by paying with their debit or credit card. The airport management’s goal was to increase traffic by providing a reliable and around-the-clock fuelling post without having to increase staff.

The pay-at-the-pump service, which takes credit cards and Interact, allows for easy and convenient 24/7 service. Interac charges a flat fee per transaction versus % of sale charged by credit cards allowing for lesser bank service charges that consequently bring the cost of operation down. Additional savings were realized by taking advantage of the remote management features (fuel price change, remote reporting, etc.). Administration also have the option to provide promotional pricing (time, date and customer based pricing) to attract more traffic and boost fuel sales.