Do you really know where your fuel is being used?

If fuel is part of your operations, it is certainly one of the most valuable resources in your organization and should be treated as such.

Did you know that up to 40% of operating costs can come from fuel? [1] Did you also know there is a proven way to reduce the costs of your fuel usage by mitigating the risks of fraud and misuse?

The large consumption of fuel by organizations that use vehicles or equipment to run their daily activities has led to the development of sophisticated systems that help manage their fuel and bulk liquids supply. According to an industry expert, Chris Snelgrove, a fuel management solution can reduce fuel expenses by 5-20%. [2]

Computrol cardlocks help organizations control access to their fuel. Software provide managers with actionable data on fuel usage. However, to make sure fuel is used only in authorized vehicles, an additional technology is available. Easy-ID(tm) provides convenient, secure and fast automated vehicle identification ensuring that the right product is delivered to the right tank. By attaching the RF Reader to the pump nozzle and the RFID Tag to the tank hole, the system is connected to a Simcom(tm) or C6000(tm) cardlock through a wireless device, eliminating the need for FOB, cards, codes and programming. This additional 2-piece hardware solution is giving an affordable option for organizations that take their fuel seriously.

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