Fuel & Liquids Dispensing Control for Small to Mid-size Users

All Computrol pump control systems are field proven in hundreds of sites worldwide. They feature low maintenance, rugged construction that is perfectly suited for all locations, even in extreme weather areas. Their reliability and simplicity of design are trademarks of the Computrol’s dispenser control systems and ensure long-lasting return on your investment.

Hose Capacity 2
(4 optional)
(4 optional)
(4 optional)
Code Capacity 50 200 400
Transaction Capacity 2,000 2,000 2,000
2 ‘Card’ System (Driver/Vehicle) Yes Yes Yes
Misc Inputs (Free Data Field) 1 2 2
Product Restrictions Yes Yes Yes
Stainless Steel Keypad Yes Yes Yes
RFID Proximity Reader Optional Optional Optional
Computrol Coil Card Reader No No Optional
Configurable from Keypad Yes Yes Yes
ProFuel 2 Compatability No Required Required
Communications RS-232, USB RS-232, USB, Network RS-232, USB, Network
USB Flashdrive/Backup Yes Yes Yes
Audit Printer Support No Yes Yes
Programmable In-Service Hours Yes Yes Yes
Unauthorized Access Logging No Yes Yes
Pre-select Volume Dispensing No No Yes

Energy Solution Language:

LCCM = Life Cycle Cost Management
TLS = Tank Level Systems
Prox. = Short form for proximity cards
RFID = Radio Frequency Identification
Unmanned = No human attendant on-site
EMV = Europay, Mastercard, Visa payment method.
Chip enabled = able to read credit cards with embedded microchip

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