Mandatory Fossil Fuel Emission Report Programs

These are delicate times when governments are worried about climate changes.

Programs to control the discharge of GHG are becoming more and more common around the globe. However, to be successful, authorities need to ensure both quantity and quality of an important resource: DATA. To obtain information on GHG emissions, countries that have implemented a regulatory framework are requiring companies to measure and report fossil fuel release on a recurring basis. These programs help specialists to understand specific emission sources within each industry and create effective approaches to reduce it.

So far, approximately 40 countries have implemented some sort of relevant protocol. Canada, the United States, Mexico, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand are a few of them [1]. Some countries are also currently testing mandatory emission reporting at a regional level and considering implementing it on the national scale, such as China. Additionally, several sub-regional authorities have decided to take the initiative and create their own programs. AlbertaQuebecBritish Columbia and California.  are examples of provinces and states in North America that implemented a carbon-emission-reduction policy before the federal government. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in 2016 a national climate-change policy across the country in which businesses should be in compliance by January 2018 [2].

The Canadian policy, following the provincial models, is the Carbon Tax. The price per ton of GHG discharged in the environment is currently $10. However, a recent Parliamentary Budget Officer report stated that a $50 per tonne tax will be implemented by 2022 [2]. The country currently emits approximately 700 million tonnes of carbon annually, resulting in a possible $35 billion hit on Canadian companies [3].

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