On-site Fueling or Going Retail?


For organizations that own a fleet of vehicles or large equipment, fuel is often a cause for concern. Up to 40% of operating costs can be attributed to fuel use. For small fleets, fueling your vehicles at retail gas stations may be the most viable option; however, for fleets of 10 or more vehicles/equipment, off-site fueling can represent inconvenience and higher costs.

 In the interest of enjoying convenience, saving personnel time, and vehicle wear, many organizations choose to have on-site tanks. This is particularly true in more remote areas where there are no retail stations. But, many organizations install on-site tanks because of the cost savings, achievable by being able to negotiate the best possible fuel costs from local bulk fuel suppliers.

According to the District of Mission Fleet Supervisor Rick Kuzonski, “having fuel availability 24 hours a day 7 days a week and consortium buying of fuel is cheaper than bulk stations” are the main benefits of having on-site fueling.

Last but not least, on-site tanks, when combined with cardlocks, provide managers security against theft and misuse of fuel and consequently extra economic savings. A decision to have such arrangement should be part of a strategic management approach through which decision-makers think in the longer-term gain for their organizations.

Computrol understands this vision and puts itself in the role of a strategic partner when it comes to taking fuel management to the next level. With a wide range of products, designed to fit all size of budgets and needs, this Canadian-based company has a history of four decades building quality products and going above and beyond for its partners and customers.

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